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2016 update

Hello ghouls.

Wanted to make sure everyone is in the loop as much as possible. I know I've been getting tons of emails on the subject. I've let the city know that I'm not planning on putting on the Marietta Zombie Walk this year. I've been searching for some folks that may be interested in taking up the cause but those haven't panned out so far. It's been a great 5 years but as a one man show I just couldn't find enough time this year to make it happen. For now this is just a 2016 thing and things may change for 2017. Some other cities have also been asking to have such events. Ya never know. Planning this event and finding sponsors has become a massive undertaking so looking at 2016 as a regrouping year. Please keep giving toMUST Ministries as much as you can. Keep an eye peeled over at Carnival of Doom for what's next. Will have some things brewing over at The Burnt Hickory Brewery in October as usual as well as some possible one-off weird things. The dead will walk again soon.

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