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What is a Zombie Walk?

Be Prepared!

Be Vigilant!

We had hoped all was well...apparently, we were dead wrong.


The undead of Marietta, Georgia are coming back again to help our community of the living on October 17, 2015 and for the fifth year the zombies will bring donations to support MUST Ministries. In 2011 we started with over 200 undead and the horde has continued to grow to last year close to 900 strong filling 40 barrels of food and donating almost $3000 to help the living in need over the last 4 years. YEAR FIVE? It’s looking to be our biggest yet...

The Undead Helping The Living


A Zombie Walk is an organized (as organized as zombies can be) public gathering of people dressed in zombie costumes (we hope these are only costumes). The walks take place in an urban center as the participants make their way around city streets and through public spaces in an orderly fashion. In Marietta, the undead will again roam the streets around Marietta Square in a not-so-brisk 0.8 mile stumble. This is an undead family event.

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